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17 October 2006 @ 10:53 am
Chapter 2 - Winifred Merjos  
So Um...yes. We have no title and this makes me sad :/ We'll give you one as soon as we come up with it I promise!
I was slotted to do the second chapter and after reading Lindsey's amazing first one I feel sort of bad having to come after her, lol. {i laugh when i get nervous}
Mine is not as long as hers it was 4 pages and 2 inches of a 5th, so not as long of a read.

Chapter Two: Winifred Merjos

I imagine I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Winifred Merjos, I’m seventeen years old and I’m from Liverpool, England. I’m a little shy, meaning I’m not very outgoing although I imagine that’s because I never really had much interaction with other kids as I was growing up. My parents are both wizards but neither of them are from pureblood families making us “mudbloods.” I still find it amazing that people still use the term, but some people can’t let go of the past I guess. We were never rich compared to those wizarding families with old wizarding money, but we never wanted for anything. By living in a house on the outskirts of town we were able to keep a garden, which was always full of gnomes and a quidditch court on the grounds without having to worry about any surrounding muggles.

My Father worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Law Enforcement, and my mother worked as an at-home editor for the daily prophet. She would receive owls daily on new articles that needed revising, approval for certain articles to be written, and other odds and ends that came with the job. She always wanted something a little more but she wasn’t willing to move down there so that she could earn the new position.

I meet my best friend Becky Lou when I was seven. I was visiting some relatives of mine over in Bath, when one morning my cousin Lucian wanted to take me for a walk along the river. It was still early spring so there was a chill in the air and as we watched the sun rise over the horizon we ran into Becky. We hit it off right when we meet, it’s funny really that neither of us knew at the time that we were both witches but as we started hanging out more and more there were the little hints that tipped me off. I eventually mustarded up the courage to ask and that’s when she told me. So ever since then we’ve been best friends, and we were both extremely happy when we received our letters to Hogwarts.

Becky of course would get into Ravenclaw and I wasn’t quite to sure where I would end up, but it wouldn’t matter. No matter where we ended up we would still be like sisters to each other, through thick and thin. I ended up getting sorted into Gryffindor and I couldn’t have picked a better place to have been put. Hogwarts truly is my home away from home.


There is a lot to say about the end of a lonely summer. As I was laying there a week before school was to start, I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen this term. I couldn't stop thinking about Becky and what she was doing, who she was with, or what she was thinking about. It was tuff living so far away from her, I mean sure don’t get me wrong it was only a three hour drive by a muggle bus, but still that was a long way away.

Shakespeare was chasing garden gnomes as I was watching the sunset, I had sent an owl to Becky early this morning hoping that she would go shopping with me later this week so we would have some pimping new clothes, but she had yet to send an owl back with a response. As I began counting the stars as they slowly arose from their resting places, I wondered what it was like over in Oxford. The weather had called for rain up there but as of yet they had not received any. I had run into William while I was in London getting my books and supplies for school, I had said hello but that was all that I could muster. Becky had a short conversation with him, since they were good friends and told him that she had to be on her way since she was with me. He smiled at me and strutted away in all his hotness.

As I was lying there my silence was soon disrupted, “Winifred get inside NOW!”

Mom was always a little on the paranoid side, she never really liked me outside at night alone. Especially with what she heard had happened at the Ministry with Harry and his gang. Unlike most of the twits that worked at the Daily Prophet, mom was just there for a job. She didn’t believe in half of the shit that was written in there, nor did she approve of it. But the management job wasn’t going to be given to her anytime soon, so she would just have to sit and wait while the wizarding world was forced to read lies and fabrications written by writers like Rita Skeeter.

“Winifred you know I don’t like you out at night, it’s a dangerous place out there,” She pulled me to her and kissed the top of my head.

“Yeah I know mom but I was just laying there thinking.”

“That’s okay honey, just don’t do it again. Now where is your farther? He’s always late anymore, damn ministry workers. If it isn’t Fudge it’s Rufus, dumb-asses.”

Mom hated the ministry and she hated it even more that dad worked there. She found many of the ministry workers incompetent at there jobs and as long as she thought that way she would never move up in the world of publications.

Dad eventually came home and I eventually passed out with exhaustion. Becky’s letter came about an hour before I went to bed, assuring me that she would love to hit the stores before school. I was all excited, not over the fact that I needed new clothes because I didn’t, but because I was getting to see Becky. I couldn’t wait for school to start, no matter how hard it may be.

The outing that we had was fun; we hit all the major thrift stores and found some amazing clothes. Becky bought some dresses and flats and I managed to find a few outfits that would compliment even my small frame. She was excited for school, although not really looking forward to the work. She never failed to amaze me, so smart but so lazy! You practically had to threaten her with her life sometimes to get her to work, but I love her all the same. We bought some matching scarves and glasses, and after spending all the money our parents had allowed us to spend we were forced to say our goodbyes until the train.

“Are you going to be there on time this year Rylee?”

“Am I ever on time?”

“No, but I mean isn’t it time you learn some punctuality?”

“This coming from the biggest procrastinator I know outside Ron Weasley?” We laughed, hugged, and were off.

“Winifred you are going to be late!” Mom was yelling at me about 5 feet behind me.

“I don’t understand why we have to run, damn muggles. I mean I have my broom right here. I’d get there so much faster. I think Shakespeare may suffer a heart attack if we have to run much further.”


“It’s your fault dad we’re late you wouldn’t hurry, you knew that school started today, it’s not like it changes from year to year! Now shut up and keep running!” It was amazing that we made it through platform 9 ¾ when we did because I literally had to run onto the moving train.

“Bye mom, Bye dad! I love you both! Tell Grams that I love her too when you talk to her again!” I was hanging out of the train like some muggle movie actress waving to my parents with a scarf in my hand. I put my luggage into the storage bin and started making my way to our usual cart.

Becky, Ryan, Brendon, Jon, and I usually sat together somewhere in the middle of the train. We enjoyed our trips to and from the school and always seemed to cause some sort of ruckus to get one of us into trouble with a prefect. As I was frantically trying to make my way through all of the younger students I found our cart, but when I looked in it was overflowing with people.

“Winnie you made it!” Ryan jumped up and gave me the biggest hug I think I have ever received. I’m not sure how he managed to jump up, since there were so many bodies squeezed into the small compartment.

“Uhh…hi Ryan.” I replied as he continued to pat my back.

“Babe, you’re late!” Jon always called me babe and ONLY Jon could get away with calling me that, anyone else got a firm smack to the back of the head.

“What did you expect love?” I called back playfully. “I’m always late…but who are all of these people?”

I had seen some of them before but I had never really spoken with them. I recognized one as a Ravenclaw 5th year that Jon had hooked up with last year, and the other few were Slytherin girls that were drooling over Brendon as he sat there polishing his wand in quite a provocative manner. As I stood there watching I followed his hand with my eyes as he slowly moved it up and down the smooth shaft of his wand. I could only imagine what the love sick idiots at his feet were imagining as I put my own thoughts in check. I was only about to catch a glimpse of Becky for she was pushed against the window by the frizzy ball of fluff that one of the Slytherin girls was forced to call her hair.

“Are you alive over there!?” I had to yell because there was so much noise inside of the cart.

“No and I’ve lost Hera in her mop,” She gestured to the Slytherin girls head. I couldn’t help but laugh but found myself disappointed when reality set in and I realized that there wasn’t a spot for me inside of the cart. I looked at Becky questionably, then to Ryan; neither seemed like they could do anything until Ryan got up and moved out into the hall with me. The mass of bodies that had previously occupied the hallway had somehow found a place to sit, so that it was bearable to stand outside of the cart and have a conversation.

“Winnie I’m truly sorry, I don’t know who these girls are but apparently they have been very “friendly” with Jon and Brendon over the summer and before we could object to them sitting in the cart with us, they had their shit moved in and we were overrun by squealing girls and tons of hair!” Ryan did seem sorry, because he was the only one really who knew how much I enjoyed it when we all could get together. No matter, there would always be the return home!

“Well don’t worry about a thing Ryan, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to sit and besides, I’m sure that I can use my undeniable charm to win over some lad to get me a place to sit.” He gave me another hug and wished me luck.

"I'll see you when we get to Hogwarts, alright love?” he called after me as I had turned away.

“See you there.” Damn whores who the hell do they think they are taking my seat, in my cart, with MY friends!

I knew a handful of the other Gryffindors and I was acquainted with a few Ravenclaws but really other than my “gang”, I didn’t know anyone at Hogwarts.

“Well I guess there is a first time for everything,” and with that, I let out a sigh of defeat.

“Why aren’t you in a cart Winifred? Don’t you have a seat? You’re always more than welcome to sit in my lap all the way there.” He giggled, Draco Malfoy and his nasally voice was not what I wanted to hear.

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself, Draco? I’m sure it would help us all out.”

“I’ll fuck you if you aren’t careful! If you only knew what I could do to you, you little…” he trailed off as I turned around and pointed my wand into his stomach.

“If I only knew what, that your big, scary daddy may come and protect you…oh wait, your father’s in jail, and if it were up to me you’d be there too! So if you don’t mind, would you please get your filthy, muggle-hating, piece of shit hand off of my arm I’d be forever grateful!”

“You’ll regret this Bitch.” He snarled as I found a semi-occupied cart.

“Yeah, yeah sticks and stones love.”

The cart to my right was only semi-full and was occupied with a girl that I was semi-sure I knew. I didn’t really need more than just a place for me and Shakespeare to sit, plus I saw Matt, Sonny, and Derek so I was sure that it would be alright if I sat in there, if I kept to myself.

I was polite and knocked and stuck my head in, some girl with some wicked lip piercing was already asleep so I didn’t want to disrupt her.

“Hey guys, would it be cool if I sat in here with you?” I asked in a manner that was far beyond anything I ever exhibited at school.

They all looked over at the girls, and the one that was awake looked at me and nodded her head. I was pleased that I had found a seat with such ease and was even more delighted it was with a few people that I at least knew. As I stepped into the cart Derek got up and went and sat by the girls so that I could sit in between Sonny and Matt. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself to the girl I was unsure about.

“Hi, I’m Winifred Merjos, Gryffindor, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

“Cydney Chandler, Slytherin”

I hope that you all enjoyed that.
If there is anything that you would like to see me do differently, just let me know!
♥xo♥ - Courtney
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Lindsey Louise: Audpiratelindseylouise on October 17th, 2006 05:21 pm (UTC)

Wonderful, darling!
I'll get started on Chapter 3 asaic.
♥ xoxo
Natsumi Usui: Becky Lou and the cup of teapseudoaquatic on October 17th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC)
mmkay. Sarah asked me had i started on another chapter and I was like I've got to talk to you about your plans for chapter three.
So yes, whenever you are avaliable to chat about your plans for the chapter you let me know ;)
When do you leave? Man it's so not going to be the same without you! :/ Even if it is for only a little while!
Lindsey Louise: Audpiratelindseylouise on October 17th, 2006 07:24 pm (UTC)

When did she ask you?
She should just do the next chapter with her intro & how she got to the train & such as long as it meshes with us.
& then Lisa can do the same.
I leave either tomorrow or Thursday I think...
I am so nervous =/
& I am going to miss you guys terribly while on the road. ♥