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17 October 2006 @ 01:39 am
CHAPTER 1 - Cydney Chandler  
Hey guys, am I the only one who just realized that we don't even have a title for our story? LOLZ.

I really hope you guys enjoys this. I worked long & fucking hard on it.
Sorry it's so long btw, I just couldn't stop myself. It was 8 pages long on Microsoft Word, so let's see how ridiculous it looks here XD

Cydney Jean Chandler.
Daughter; Sister; Lover; Friend; Witch.

I was born into a family of extremely wealthy pureblood witches & wizards. But unlike most families of our class & status, we did not think of ourselves as higher beings. I was raised in a quaint (as it gets for a rich family) household, first & foremost taught to be respectful & considerate to all.
My Father James was an auror for the American Ministry Of Magic for 15 years before his Death in 1990 when I was but a mere toddler of 2 years.
He was a kind and strong man full of passion for everything he did in life.
Him & my mother Kathleen were blissfully married for over a decade before he was taken from us.
My father was murdered in the line of fire of killing curses directed at a group of death-eaters back when Voldemort was at the very height of his power.
It was a mindless accident; He wasn’t supposed to die.
The Ministry paid my family millions of galleons for our loss as if it would make up for everything and give us back our joy.
My mother & I were all the more ridiculously wealthy because my father was killed.
Needless to say, we’d rather have had James back than a meaningless bundle of cash to console us, but we could do nothing about it.
We donated much of the money to local charities in my father's name.
My mother chose not to be angry & helpless for the rest of her existence.
She mourned as any loving wife would mourn, but quickly got back into her daily routine of raising her first-born daughter, with high hopes and expectations for our future.
She put on a happy face for me as I grew up.
Despite my father being M.I.A, I had a fairly content childhood.
My mother gave me everything I could ever need; endless Love and support. Her belief that I was capable of something great strengthened me immensely.

My acceptance letter to Hogwarts was no surprise. Growing up, I had more than shown my capabilities of greatness.
We left our home in western-America to reside in London, England to make the trip to school each year all the more convenient.
I really enjoyed living in this new country. My mother & I were welcomed into its magical society with open arms; mostly because of all the money we possessed.

I was now 17 years old & about to begin my 6th year at school. I was nervous as can be. Every year I returned, it got better & more exciting than ever. So much would happen each term, I wasn’t even sure what to expect anymore. Hogwarts was my home away from home, & the friendships I had made over the previous years meant the world to me. I couldn’t wait to go back.

Today was the 30th of August, & I literally started school the very next day. I convinced my mother that I would be all right going to Diagon Ally by myself to pick up my books. I always seemed to procrastinate on everything I did in life, but I always ended up getting the job done, regardless. She kissed my forehead & waved me off as I stepped into our fireplace. I grasped a handful of floo-powder & tossed it into the fire as the emerald flames engulfed my body with warmth.

“Diagon Ally” I said in a crystal clear voice, & I was off. With the Floo Network, I loved that I could arrive so quickly to my desired destinations, but the spinning sensation along the way always made me feel nauseous & completely smashed.
I staggered out onto the creaky wooden floor of the Leaky Cauldron, looking around as I brushed the ashes away.
I saw the usual blokes seated around the bar as Tom the innkeeper scurried around to pour second helpings of whatever alcoholic concoction each of them happened to be chugging down.

I stepped out into the bright sun-lit ally, met by unexpected large crowds of people. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who had waited until the very last second to do my shopping, after all. I nodded at a few familiar faces of my school acquaintances, & made my way down towards Madam Malkin’s Robes for all occasions. I seemed to have grown a couple inches since last term, & now stood at a whopping 5’4” tall. Obviously it wasn’t a huge growth spurt, but my robes weren’t quite to the length of my liking.

I strolled inside the shop. There was a refreshingly cool breeze cascading through the floor vents. Central air at it’s finest. Madam Malkin protruded from her back office followed by a girl I recognized right away to be my very best friend Arabella Watson. We squealed with glee as our eyes met & I ran over to her, embracing her thin frame.

“Cydney, how are you?” she asked as I pulled away to get a good look at her. She grinned brightly, displaying her flawless pearly whites.

“I’m wonderful!” I replied, flashing a glowing smile. I had missed her so much over the long summer. She had gone to France with her Grandmother, leaving me at home with pretty much nothing to do but wait in agony for September the 1st to arrive.

“How was Paris?” I asked her, already knowing that it couldn’t have been short of amazing.

“Incredible” she confirmed. She kneeled down to her purse on the lobby couch & pulled out a long silver box, handing it to me.

“A present? Dollface, you shouldn’t have” I gushed, untying the delicate ribbon attached around the middle. I pulled out a string of the most beautiful pearls I had ever laid eyes on. “They’re gorgeous!” I smiled & hugged her once more, appreciatively. I unhooked the clasp & put them on straight away.

“They’re fresh water pearls, straight from the sea” she explained as I examined their beauty, hanging from my neck.

“Thank you so much, Belle” I sighed happily. “I have a gift for you as well, but it’ll have to wait until next time because it’s at home... & it’s not nearly as wonderful as this” I pouted. She shook her head & flipped her hand.

“I’m sure it will be perfect” she grinned at me.
A shrill ring sounded from her purse & she grabbed her cell phone out. “Mum? Yeah, I’ll be right there” she said simply & flipped it shut. “I must be off now, mum’s getting impatient waiting for me. I’ll see you on the train, okay?” & she hugged me one last time.

“Can’t wait” I grinned & waved as she trotted away & out the door with the sound of the tinkering bell.

Madam Malkin re-appeared & kindly brought me back to get fitted.

After I had got my new robes & purchased several of the books on my list, I went quickly home, eager to get a good night's sleep so as to wake in a good mood for tomorrow.
Mum greeted me at the door of our 6-story mansion, donned in a frilly floral apron.

“Teriyaki chicken stir-fry, you’re favorite” she said warmly guiding me through the house towards our dining room. She sat me down & settled herself across the long oak-wood table from me. Darwin our house-elf scrambled into the room with 2 large platters of our dinner. He set them neatly in front of us before bowing himself out of the room.

We ate in silence for a while until my mother began to mope about how much she would miss me. I squeezed her hand, reassuring her that I would write to her every chance I got. I always felt so horrible leaving her here. All she had for company were the house-elves who generally weren’t good for pleasant conversation or social interaction.

Without me around, she’d spend her days knitting & watching the telly. She was unemployed-- mostly because she didn’t need to make anymore money than we already had. Our shares in Gringott’s wizarding bank brought in even more cash each year. Our shares, our cash, & my several-million dollar inheritance that I would receive on my 18th birthday would be more than enough to hold us over for pretty much eternity. I basically would never need to get a job if I really didn’t want to, & I’d still die filthy rich, but I wanted a career, as hard as that may be to understand.

I wanted to be a vocalist in a band. I'd been to so many shows growing up, & I knew from each moment I heard the oppening chords of a live song, I wanted to be apart of it all. I wasn't cocky, but I was well aware that my voice could hold up to the best out there. The energy & the adrenaline rush of being on stage made me the happiest i'd ever been, & nothing ever felt so right as when I would sing. I needed to feel like I was more than just a fatherless rich girl. I wanted to be needed & appreciated. I wanted to have fun, travel the world, & inspire people of all ages with my music. I already had mom's full support which meant everything to me.

I finished my delicious meal & hugged my mother goodnight. It had gotten very late, & if you hadn’t already guessed; I wasn’t finished packing yet.

I bounded up the long dark spiraling staircase that led to the top floor where all our bedrooms were located. Mine was seven rooms down the hall to the left. I walked in & shut my door, softly. Yawning, I made my way over to my king-sized canopy bed. I sat down leisurely on the foot of the bed where my school trunk sat open, but before I knew it, I had convinced myself to lie back & rest a little bit ......

“Cydney Jean!”
There were sharp repeated knocks on my door as my mother continued to yell my name. Slowly but surely I began to register what was going on.
I jumped up in horror, wiping drool from my cheek & scrambling over to my night stand to check the time on my alarm clock; 8:37.

“SHIT SHIT SHIT!!” I screamed, frantically running over to my trunk.

“CYDNEY!!” my mother yelled sternly.

“JESUS CHRIST WOMAN, I’M ALREADY AWAKE!” I shrieked in frusteration. But then quickly apologized. "I’ll be down in a few, Mum” I sighed loudly. I heard her walk away in annoyance.

I threw all my important belongings in the trunk, including my new books & school robes; followed closely by my laptop, my i-pod & its accessories, my cell phone, my electronic chargers, & my make-up & jewelry. I gathered piles of clothing from my closet & dumped them in a second trunk. It took me but 5 minutes to finish. Now all I had to worry about was preparing myself.

I squirted some styling creme into my hands & ran my fingers through my hair, defining the layers. I slipped on my favorite pair of black acid-wash skinny jeans, & pulled a navy form-fitted hoodie over my head. I hooked in some earrings, strung on a nautical necklace & some bracelets, & slipped into some ballet flats. All it took was an effortless flick of my wand to perfect every detail of my face. After grabbing my caged owl Aoin, I slammed shut my trunks & levitated them behind me as I made my way out of the room.

My mother’s face was flushed with worry as I dashed down the stairs. She hurried behind me to the car & we quickly loaded the trunks into the back & slid inside. Our driver Jeeves nodded at us & we sped off into the heart of London. We arrived at King’s Cross Train station with 5 minutes to spare.

I hopped out & we deposited the trunks one on top of the other onto a cart. Mum took Aoin & we rushed through the hustle & bustle of people young & old. Mum was absolutely frantic, but I kept my cool. The worst that could happen was that I would miss the train & have to figure out an alternative way to get to school; no one was going to die.

I think my tranquil composure greatly irritated Mum, but what could I do? Panicking was not going to do us any good. I literally had to gently push & pull people out of my way to get to our platform as fast as we did. I stared at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10 before making a run at it.

Mum was close behind, still hanging on to aoin, his cage swinging back & forth. He hooted pitifully. We reached the other side of the barrier & found ourselves directly in front of the scarlet steam engine that would deport myself & my fellow students to school.

I pecked mum hurriedly on the cheek, once more comforting her with my promise to keep in touch & made a mad dash onto the train, my trunks sailing after me. Kids hung their heads out of the windows that lined the train, yelling their last theatrical farewells to their parents. I simply blew mum a final kiss goodbye before the train began chugging away & she was out of sight.

I deposited aoin & my trunks in the luggage carriers & strolled down the lengthy stretch of isle to find somewhere I would be welcomed to sit for the journey. This task was much more difficult than it seemed. Each cart seemed to be packed full of kids; most of whom I hadn’t a clue of who they were. I hoped to be able to find Audrey, but even her shining platinum (veela-esque) hair wouldn’t stand out in such large masses of people.

It began to get a bit awkward, peering into each cart. All I wanted was a seat, I wasn’t picky.
“Well well well, if it isn’t the striking young Cydney Chandler” drawled a voice I knew to belong to a particular scumbag known as Draco Malfoy. I swung around furrowing my eyebrows.

“Can I help you with something, douchewad?” I asked, disgust dripping from my every word. Draco smirked his.... smirky smirk.

“You can give me some ass tonight, baby” he said nonchalant, but entirely serious.

I scoffed in repulsion & pulled out my wand, threateningly.

“You don’t have the guts, darling. Just admit it already; you want to jump my bones faster than a jack-rabbit” he winked at me, drawing nearer.

“Honestly Draco, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would ever want to come in physical contact with you unless they were beating you fucking senseless” proclaimed a deep boyish voice from behind me.

I whipped around to see Derek Reilly sneering at Malfoy In detestation.
Draco went crimson & snatched out his wand, ready to duel.

“Bring it on, Dickweed” Derek provoked, pulling out his own wand eagerly. No, I was not going to watch this go down.

“Stop it, both of you” I demanded severely, glaring at the both of them.
I wasn’t angry, I just didn’t want Derek to get into trouble before term even officially began. To tell you the truth, I was flattered at his willingness to curse Draco for my sake, not caring about the consequences. He saved me, & it was my turn to return the favor.

“Whatever you say, babygirl” Malfoy answered, stowing his wand back into his pocket & winking before whirling around to leave & re-enter the compartment he had come from.

“Um.... “ Derek blinked awkwardly.

“Thank you for your efforts, but I’d have been fine handling him on my own” I said. My words had come out far snottier than I had meant them to. Derek frowned & began to walk away. I grabbed his hand to stop him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so unappreciative.” I apologized, shaking my head in regret. He smiled at me & hung his long arm around my shoulders, forgiving me instantly.

“It’s no big deal. Do you happen to be looking for somewhere to sit?” He asked as if reading my very thoughts. I grinned & nodded gratefully, letting him lead me further down the train.

I didn’t know Derek very well, honestly. He was a 6th year Gryffindor, & more of an acquaintance than anything. I knew him through my best guy friend, Travis Mackenzie; a Slytherin like myself. Usually Slytherins & Gryffindors are merciless enemies, but Travis, Myself & Belle were probably the nicest people around, despite our house placement.

I probably came off as a typical Slytherin upon first meeting me; I was shy & not the friendliest girl to people I was unfamiliar with, but once people really got to know me, they’d realize just how kind-hearted & fun I could be.

Derek turned my body sharply to the right along with his as we reached his compartment. He let me go & pulled open the sliding doors to reveal others inside. I gasped in delight to find both Travis & Belle placed in the corner. They both jumped up to embrace me & ushered me to the available seat between them & Derek. Also across from me sat Derek’s close companions Matthew Stratford & Sonny Colfax. I grinned politely at everyone & sighed in relief to have finally found somewhere to sit.

It was still fairly early in the day as the sun beamed brightly down at us through the windows. Derek once again seemed to read my thoughts as he pulled down the shades to dilute the annoying shine & blinding glares that bounced off of anything structured of glass or metal.

Without meaning to, I zoned out sleepily & was brought back to attention as I heard the main conversation revolving around Draco Malfoy & the confrontation we had had. I shook myself consciously & listened close to what Derek had to say. He recounted & reinnacted what was said.

“I really don’t understand why he’s always bothering me” I stated in irritation. Derek glanced over at me & chuckled.

“Well isn’t it obvious?” he asked shaking his head at me. “Not only are you filthy stinking rich & a pureblood, but you’re absolutely stunning. What reason would he have to not chase after you?” Derek exclaimed. A few seconds later, he seemed to comprehend what he had just let slip. We both dropped each other’s gaze & blushed furiously.

I’m quite sure we were both about to get seriously made fun of by our surrounding friends, but to our immense relief the sliding door slid open again to reveal a young girl I recognized as a 6th year Gryffindor, Rylee Merjos.

ilygirlssomuch. Let me know what you think & if you feel any big changes need to be made.
♥ xoxo Lindsey Louise
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Lindsey Louise: ellen bikelindseylouise on August 8th, 2008 05:04 am (UTC)
Was that supposed to be constructive critisism? The "&" signs should have nothing to do with the quality of the story, it's just how I choose to write. Maybe i'd take you seriously if you weren't hiding behind anon.