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28 November 2006 @ 05:25 pm
Chapter 3: Here We Go Again.  
Here it is, Chapter 3: Here We Go Again.
I'm not entirely happy with it, but I hope you like it anyways.

I breathed a sigh of relief at the distraction Rylee rendered. She stepped into the compartment & looked around at everyone before politely asking whether or not she could sit with us. We all agreed that she was perfectly welcome to do so, & I smiled shyly at her as she took a seat across from me. She boldly stuck out her hand for me to shake.

"Hi, I’m Rylee Merjos, Gryffindor." She said cheerfully. I rested my pale hand in hers & shook it lightly.

"Cydney Chandler, Slytherin" I quickly replied, & then added as an after thought "But you can just call me Cyd". Her eyes lit up & she grinned sweetly at me. I was quite surprised with myself for having added that. I usually only allowed my closest friends to refer to me as anything other than Cydney, & I had just met this girl. But somehow I trusted her immediately.

"Pleasure meeting you, Cyd" she said affectionately. She then proceeded to introduce herself in the same sweet manner to everyone else, excluding Sonny, Derek & Matt of whom she was already in friendly acquaintance with. I glanced over at Derek, curious as to what his reaction would be over the distraction. He looked just as relieved as I did, if not more so. Our eyes met for a second or so before he adjusted his body to face the window instead.

This was so awkward. I wanted to say something.. thank him.. anything to show my appreciation for what he'd said. I hoped that he didn’t regret what he’d said, as it was quite apparant that he hadn’t meant to say it aloud. I smiled to myself. God he was cute.

I turned towards Travis to strike up some casual conversation for a bit, but he didn’t quite seem in the mood. He was scowling slightly & focusing his eyes to the ground. Everyone in our compartment was either immersed in deep conversation, or napping. I decided I was pretty beat, & leaned to my left, gently resting my head on Travis’ shoulder. If it were anyone else, I might have considered asking, but him & I were close enough friends that napping on each other could seem entirely acceptable.

I felt his head land softly on mine & he gave me an affectionate shoulder-head squeeze. I drifted off to sleep once again & this time managed to stay that way for a decent few hours until I was woken up by Travis’ soft whisper, informing me that the snack trolley had come & gone & that he had purchased a few chocolate frogs for me in case I was hungry. I sat up, stretching & yawned. I took the frogs, thanking him thoroughly. I was famished.

I looked out the train window & noticed that the sky outside had deepend into a dark blue, indicating that night had fallen. Half the compartment had already changed into their school robes, & I figured I should probably do the same. I left to use the train lavatory & quickly returned to my seat as the train began to gradually slow down. A woman’s voice calmly projected through the loud-speaker system to comfirm what we already knew; we had finally arrived.

We all stood up & I linked arms with Arabella & Travis. We made our way off the train in an orderly fashion. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long as our compartment was located right next to the nearest exit. I bounded down the short flight of steps, taking in a deep breath of the cool crisp night air. Hogsmeade station was quite alive tonight. You could hear loud distant shouts of merriment coming from the pubs nearby. I grinned excitedly, happy to be here.

The familiar gruff shouts of Professor Hagrid was heard among the hustle & bustle of students, exiting the train cars.

"Firs’ years this way, Firs’ years over here with me" he called, waving his enormous half-giant hand in his direction. I watched amusedly as the smallest students began to timidly separate themselves from the general crowd & make their way over to Hagrid who stood at the shoreline of the Black Lake. They all looked like frightened little rabbits as they gawked up at Hagrid in awe.

I recalled my first year at Hogwarts & how I had wasted 5 minutes of everyone’s time by refusing to get in the soggy wooden boats that were traditionally used to transport the youngest students across the lake to the castle. It was only until Travis warmly took my hand & somehow reassured me that I wasn’t going to fall out & drown (because he’d hold & protect me), that I reluctantly stepped into the last available boat. I had glared resentfully at Hagrid the entire trip, & since then i'd never really taken a liking to the guy.

I was brought back to the present as Travis took hold of Belle’s & my hand & led us over to the horseless carriages that would bring the upperclassmen to the castle. To about 90% of the students, these carriages were innocently pulled by thin air, but to me & other unfortunate students who had experianced death in their lives, they were seen & known to be pulled by ruggedly terrifying black winged creatures with eyes as red as fresh blood. I looked over at the nearest one with great dislike & climbed into its carriage after my friends.

The carriages quickly took off with a jolt across the great field of greenest green grass, passing the dark wall of trees that made up the very edge of the Forbidden Forrest. The night sky was clear & serene & the stars sparkled & danced. I squeezed Trav’s arm in excitement & looked over at Belle, grinning widely.

"We’re 6th years! How amazing is this?" I gushed.

"Incredibly amazing!" She agreed. "We practically own this damn place by now!"

I laughed jovially & smiled at Travis. Again he seemed upset about something, but grinned back at me sincerely. I figured I’d ask him about it later, as I was too distracted at the moment to ruin our return. The carriages came to an abrupt halt, & we hopped out landing on the brick walk-way leading to the Great Oak Doors. We took the stone steps 2 at a time & said a quick "Hullo" to Professor McGonagal who had moments earlier opened the entrance.

The castle was as magnificant as ever. The vast marble floors gleemed, & the gargoyles & shining suits of armor stood tall & proud. The walk into the entrance hall never ceased to amaze me. My eyes glossed over every last detail of my surroundings. Students clustered around us, & Professor Mcgonigal led us all over to the doors to the Great Hall where the start of term feast would be held. She threw the doors open & allowed us to enter. I straightened out my uniform tie & fluffed my raven hair as we walked over to the long Slytherin table. We chose seats at the front of the hall so as to get a good view of the First Year’s sorting ceremony.

The hall began to fill up fast, & unfortunately we were unable to prevent Malfoy & his loser friends from taking seats directly across from us. This would be interesting enough. I threw a frustrated glare at Draco as he lowered himself in his seat, smirking. He just couldn’t get enough, could he? He ignored my glare & allowed Pansy Parkinson to squeeze in by him. Pansy looked at me threateningly & snaked an arm around Draco’s bicept. I rolled my eyes & focused my attention up at the front of the hall towards to staff Table.

I eyed all of the teachers, curious of who our new DADA teacher might be. The only new person I noticed was a young pale man seated next to Headmaster Lavery. He had dark wavy brown hair that reached just below his ears, which were widely gauged. With his little bit of stubble & bangs hanging in his eyes, he looked like your average Scene teenager. I chuckled a bit & pointed this out to Audrey. She gave him the up & down & nodded in approval.

"His class should be fun" she said, winking. I grinned, knowing it certainly would be something.

The hall was loud with the anxious chatter of students. They were probably discussing the new teacher, or the new Headmaster, for that matter. Albus Dumbledore had been tragically murdered early in the term last year by an unknown group of the Dark Lord’s followers. The Ministry immedietly replaced him with a slightly younger man by the name of George Lavery. We had all gotten to know him quite well as he took charge of the school for the most of last year. He was actually quite a nice fellow. I liked him better than Dumbledore, anyways. He was fair to all & didn’t feel the need to coddle Harry Potter & show such blatant favor for the Gryffindors.

The hall quieted down as he stood up to call attention to the commencement of the sorting ceremony. Professor McGonnagal led the line of trembling first years up to the front of the hall to the stool where the traditional sorting cap lay. Apparantly the hat had no new song to torture us with & the students quickly filed up to the platform one by one. After the cap shouted out the house they belonged in, they scurried to the appropriate tables & before I knew it, the ceremony was all over. There didn’t seem to be quite as many first years as usual, but that could be explained with various reasoning. Parents these days just didn’t feel quite as safe sending their sons & daughters off to school where practically anything could happen.

Headmaster Lavery said a few simple welcoming words to us all. I liked how he was much more to-the-point than Dumbledore, so we wouldn’t have to endure a long speech while our bellies ached with hunger. Assortments of food appeared out of thin air on the golden dishes placed in front of us. I grabbed a smoked turkey leg, along with some mashed potatoes & poured myself a large goblet-full of cold pumpkin juice. The feast was as delicious as ever & I wasn’t afraid to grab 2nd & 3rd helpings for myself; I was still a growing girl, afterall!

Belle got up from the table after a while & informed us that she was going to go meet up with her boyfriend Seamus. Travis & I bid her a good night as she traipsed away through the crowds. Travis & I decided to finish up ourselves as I for one was getting sick & tired of the perverted looks Draco had been throwing at me all through the meal. Travis took my hand & we left the Great Hall, waving at Rylee & her friend Ryan as we passed.

Travis laced his fingers between mine as we reached the marble staircase leading up to the Slytherin dorms. I eyed him suspiciously. He was acting far more affectionate towards me than usual. Not that I had a problem with it, but I was taken off guard a bit, I guess you could say. The staircase began to move in an entirely different direction than we wanted to be & ended up leaving us in a dark hallway with nowhere to go until another set of stairs decided to connect to the hallway & rescue us.

"Um..Well this is lovely" I said, looking around us slightly annoyed.

Travis stayed silent & I noticed he had that disgruntled look on his face once more. I guess now would be a good time to ask him about it. I opened my mouth to speak but he swung around to face me & his tantalizing brown eyes staring intensely at my own, left me speechless. I didn’t know what to say or do; he’d never looked at me like that before. He then proceeded to lace his other fingers in mine & slowly backed me into the nearest wall.

Before I could do anything or open my mouth to protest, his lips crashed into mine. My heart began to race & my body melted instantly like goo into his arms, allowing him to take full control of me. God I was easy. A guy starts kissing me & I just give in to all temptation just for the pleasure. I didn’t even know I had feelings for him; he was my best guy friend & I had (well, up until now anyways) throught of him as a brother to me, & now I was allowing his tongue to creep into my mouth. But hell, it felt great & I was not going to make him stop anytime soon.

I took my hands from his grip & combed my fingers through his soft choppy black hair. His hands began to snake around my small waist & my body shivered. We were both so into each other at that moment, but of course something had to ruin it, right? Right. So as you may have guessed, a staircase appeared. 5 minutes ago I’d have jumped for joy. Now it was just awkward, especially since this particular staircase supported a fairly large group of people, headed by Derek.

Travis & I unattatched ourselves from each other, our faces glowing crimson. Derek’s jaw dropped a little in shock. I wiped my mouth & straightened my robes out. The people on the stairs walked up slowly, eyeing the scene amusedly. A new staircase appeared for Derek & his fellow Gryffindors to climb to their common room. Derek looked away & proceeded up the staircase with the others. Travis chuckled a little behind me, but I didn’t find any of it very funny. We were left alone once more & I turned to Travis.

"Trav, what just happened?" I asked. Obviously I knew what had just gone on, but now that I had a chance to catch my breath & process my thoughts, I felt stupid & needed it thoroughly explained to me.

"Cydney, I… I like you… a lot, really. & I mean as more than just my best friend… I want you" He stuttered out. I really didn’t know what to say. Did I feel the same? Obviously I felt something, I wasn’t too keen on stopping his kiss. But I was probably just so caught up in the moment to do anything.

"Trav, I am going to need some time to think things through, okay?" I said, feeling horrible as his smile vanished completely. He nodded in understanding, & as if on cue, the correct staircase appeared for us.

We awkwardly climbed the stairs & entered the dark common room. Most of the Slytherins had already made their way to bed. I wondered what staircase they had used to get here. Draco sat over by the fire, & didn’t notice us enter the portrait door. I squeezed Trav’s hand before going up to bed in the girl’s dormatory.

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Natsumi Usui: Actor: Audreypseudoaquatic on June 21st, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
Awesome, I fixed it. :) ILY2!