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27 June 2007 @ 12:03 pm
& you are not alone.  
I woke up fairly early the next morning. Sitting up in my 4-poster bed, I pulled the curtains apart to see all the girls in the dorm still fast asleep in dreamland. If only I could visit this land of dreams without thoughts of Travis clouding my unconscious bliss. You know when you wake from a dream, and every last significant detail just slips out of sight & out of mind? Well usually this frustrates me, but this morning I’d have rather forgotten what & whom I’d dreamt about, completely.

I pulled myself out of the sea of blankets, & headed to the showers. I needed to clear my head in a hot steaming stall, & focus on readying my mind to absorb everything I could in all my classes today. I didn’t get very satisfactory marks last year in any of my classes, but I don’t think most people did; there were too many distractions, what with Dumbledore’s murder, and all the threats of danger in our school.

I shampoo-ed my hair with color-lock formula, used to keep my bright red shaded hair as vibrant as the first day I dyed it. One thing people noticed most about me was my hair. I wouldn’t say that I was one who enjoyed being the center of attention, but I did like to be noticed. The sweet tangerine aroma of my body wash seeped through the air & excited my senses. I was definitely awake now. I stepped out onto the damp tiled floor & wrapped myself in a soft warm towel.

I pulled on my uniform, my black cloak embroidered with the green slytherin emblem. I was never quite sure why I was chosen for this house. Usually people here were ruthless arrogant pricks. But I grew up with a heart of pure gold. Everyone who knew me thought that I was one of the nicest girls around, & I was. The only thing that made any sense was that I had a real knack for getting into trouble. But then again, so did Harry potter & his goodie-goodie sidekicks, & they were Gryffindor from their bushy-haired heads right down to their toes. I never felt like I belonged here, but I suppose the sorting hat had its (sick, twisted) reasons.

By the time I returned to the dorms to grab my book bag, the other girls finally began to roll out of bed. Belle rubbed her green eyes & looked over at me, curiously. I smiled & walked over to her. “Good morning” I said, sitting down at the foot of her bed.

“Morning” she croaked. “How long have you been up? & Why do you smell so frickin’ good?” she asked. I chuckled.

“I’ve been awake about an hour or 2 now. I didn’t sleep well. & I smell great because I literally just stepped out of the shower.”

“Oh, that explains it.” She nodded, & stood up, walking over to her trunk. “Just give me a minute to get dressed, & we’ll go down to breakfast, yeah?”

“Sounds good,” I agreed.

We bounded down the spiraling staircase into the shimmering green slytherin common room. Luckily no one was down there. I was absolutely dreading the moment I’d inevitably see Travis, & the awkwardness that would ensue. I hadn’t divulged the details of last night to Belle, mostly because I was still in too much shock to piece it together for anyone.

Draco Malfoy walked through the door as we neared it.

“Oh great.” Belle sighed in utter irritation. Draco smirked & stopped before us, evil dancing in his eyes.

“So Chandler, I heard what happened last night…” he drawled at me. My face flushed crimson. How did he know?? As he was about to open his mouth again, I shouted a silence-inducing curse at him with my wand pointed directly at his lips, which were now being sewn shut. He moaned in agony as the needle stitched from one corner to the other. Belle cackled & finished my job by leg locking him. He fell to the floor, sobbing like a little girl.

I sighed in relief. We grinned at one another, malevolently.

“After you, my dear Watson!” I giggled, ushering her through the portrait hole.

“So… what was Draco even talking about?” she asked, curiously. Should I tell her? No, not yet..

“Oh, he saw me trip up the stairs last night on my way to bed. Thinks it’s really amusing, I suppose..” I lied, shrugging nonchalant.

“What a nutsack.” She shook her head.

We arrived in the great hall, with 15 minutes to spare for breakfast. We sat down at the house table, & filled our plates with goodies. Everything tasted wonderful, but I didn’t eat much of it. I lost my appetite, & Travis was nowhere to be found this morning. Coincidence? I think not. Arabella seemed to notice this, too.

“I wonder where Trav is.” She stated, looking down our table & glancing at the surrounding tables. “Oh, there he is!” my stomache turned as she pointed to the Gryffindor table across the hall. Sure enough, there he sat with Derek, Sonny & Matt. His back was facing us, thank goodness. I wasn’t ready to see the look of hope/ potential disappointment on his face when he saw me.

I downed my orange juice & waited for her to pop her last bit of toast into her mouth. We stood up to leave, but ended up forking in different directions. I didn’t notice her lack of presence behind me, until I reached the corridor. I swung around, looking left & right until I spotted her traipsing towards Travis & the boys’ table. She seemed to realize I wasn’t there, either as she looked back at our table & then into the direction of my current location. I ducked out of sight quickly, not wanting to be seen or especially called over.

I peered back around to spy on them. She seemed un-phased, having not caught me. I heard her laugh with the guys a bit, & then they all got up. Shit. I sped through the hallways & into the Charms classroom. I knew I’d see them all in moments time, but by then (hopefully) Flitwick will have started our lesson.

The group scuffed into the room & took their assigned seats around me. Matt & Sonny sat down behind me, Belle right next to me, & Travis & Derek in front of us. Trav turned around to me, smiling that (gorgeous) smile at me. My heart (kind of) melted. I grinned back. He took hold of my hand & kissed it tenderly. Belle & Derek both glanced over at us, curiously. He turned back around as Professor Flitwick appeared at the front of the room, propped on a high stack of old books, ready to begin.

We all opened our notebooks, preparing to take the annual first-day notes. I scrawled my name at the top of the paper & dated it. I felt Belle prod me in the arm, & looked over at her as Flitwick’s high (as the stack of books he sat upon) voice recited what he’d written on the board, pointing at each word in turn with a wooden yard-stick. I looked over at her, questioningly.

“What was that all about?” She mouthed, silently. I was correct to assume she meant the “moment” Travis & I had just shared. I shrugged & whispered back.

“I don’t know..” I’m such a damn liar.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” she raised her voice above a whisper.

“I’ll tell you about it later, I promise!” I hissed.

“Ladies! Will you please continue your conversation at a later time?” Flitwick squeaked. “Unless you want to start off this term with shamefully low marks & a beyond-annoyed professor, I suggest you pay attention & write down everything I am telling you! Now where were we? Oh yes.”

We both put our heads down & proceeded to catch up with everyone else. I caught a glimpse of Winnie up front. I grinned at her & continued with my notes.


Kinda short (& dull), I know. Might add more later. Just giving you a base so you can start your chapter, too! LOVE YOU, ENJOY. =D

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Natsumi Usui: Actor: Kirsten in jacketpseudoaquatic on June 27th, 2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Aww that was really good. ♥ I can't wait to finish my chapter. I think I've got a way for our characters to become friends, I just need to smooth it all out first.