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15 October 2006 @ 06:20 pm
So yeah, I'm done with my bios and I'm hoping i did them right.
I'm sure a few things are left off and a few extra things are thrown in there but if there are any questions just feel free to ask!

who isn't named Hanna Beth, instead her name is Winifred.
Winifred Merjos:
age/dob/sign; 17, July 24/1989 /Cancer
Birthplace- Liverpool, England
Heritage- English + Spanish
Accent; Y/N? – Yes, English. She’s also bilingual in English and Spanish.
appearance (including a picture);

5'3, Slim, Brown Hair and brown eyes.
Piercing/Tattoos- Ears Pierced and nose
Style- Scene, likes pretty colors and jewelry.
house & year; Gryffindor 6th
Personality- Friendly and fun-loving. A bit sarcastic at times, and maybe even a little passive-aggressive. Rylee is very laid back with momentary bits of hysteria. But for the most part one happenin honey!
classes being taken; DADA, Astronomy, Potions, Transfigurations, & Care of Magical Creatures
likes; Pumpkin Juice, Long walks on the grounds, Flying, and a certain Ravenclaw.
dislikes; bullies
friends- Becky Lou, Ryan, Brendon, Spencer, and Jon
hobbies; knitting
other; She has a crush on William, but they aren't currently dating.

Background Information: Winifred is your average everyday girl. She's fun to be around and loves being around her best friend Becky Lou. She's A little on the shy side, doesn't really know how to be assertive. Her parents are also wizards, her father works for the ministry of magic in quite a prominent role, while her mother works as an editor for the Daily Prophet. She has a cat she's had for quite sometime now, her and Becky got matching kittens from the same litter when they started off to Hogwarts, his name is Shakespeare

Name- William Beckett:
age/dob; 17 May 30, 1989
Birthplace- Oxford, England
Heritage: English
accent; not really, sounds a bit American
appearance- Longish Brown hair, Brown Eyes,
appearance (including a picture);

piercings/tats; NONE
style; when you find him in his muggle clothes he's usually in a t-shirt and jeans. in winter though there are a lot of sweaters and blazers worn...along with corduroy pants!
house & year; Ravenclaw 6th
fav proffessor (lol); McGonagall
personality; Smart, loving, and shy. William (who will not tolerate being called will...you may call him William or Beckett...BUT ENVER WILL!) is a tad bit quirky, very intelligent, and quite the lady's man without even realizing it. He's never really taken an interest into the social aspects of school that Hogwarts offers. You can often find him in the library, desperately trying to avoid other brainiacs such as Hermione Granger. (Who he cannot stand no matter how friendly or bubbly she may be...she's just ehhh.) He's the product of divorce, having never really known his mother who left when he was but four years old (who tragic...) he has always sort of relied on his father as a very strong part of his life. His father works at Eeylops Owl Emporium, selling...well of course Owls. So William has a Sweet owl that his father gave him when he started his 5th year at Hogwarts: It is a Boreal Owl named: Hyacinth (Named of course after the Greek God, [you may find out more about hyacinth if you would like by following this link].
likes; He enjoys butter beer & fire whiskey, and often had to resort to getting it from the Wealsey twins. Enjoys muggle soccer and sleep. His favorite ice cream flavor is pumpkin spice and green is his favorite color. He also enjoys Ginger Snaps and Lemon Drops. William enjoys listening to music and playing his tambourine.
dislikes; Quidditch and man-whores.
classes being taken; Divination, Astronomy, Potions, Transfiguration & Ancient Runes
Friends- Becky Lou Filip
hobbies; Dueling, Writing, and gazing at the stars.
other; Never leaves the house (dorm room) without his journal, Possesses the ability of the third eye *wooooooo*

Full Name- Becky Lou Filip
Age/DOB- 17 March 3rd 1989
Birthplace- Bath, England
Heritage- English/Romanian (Great-grandmother to be exact, is the only Romanian one.)
Accent; Y/N?- Yes
Appearence- 5'2, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, a Sort of Earthy Glow about her.

Piercings/Tattoos- Ears Pierced
Style- Retro Modish
Hogwarts House & Year- Ravenclaw, Sixth year
Personality- If Becky was an animal she would be a domestic house cat. She’s lazy but gets the job done on time, a bit of a procrastinator by choice but she’s very intelligent, whether she acts like it or not. She’s easy to get a long with and just kind of melts into the surrounding atmosphere. Easy to like but easy to forget, very artsy and loves to knit. A bit of a motherly type as well.
Likes- Cats, Sewing
Dislikes- People who think they are better than others & people who can't see the whole picture and only what they want to see.
Pet Peeves- Braggarts.
Describing Words (ie: funny, charming, adventurous, etc etc)- Charming, Smart, Quiet, Hippish.
Career Aspirations- A house wife, she doesn’t really have any aspirations to speck of, but if it comes down to it she could see herself doing something for the ministry.
Class schedule- Herbology, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, & DADA
Friends (to start with)- Winifred, Ryan, Spencer and William. (Sort of friends with Brendon and Jon since Winifred is friends with them)
Boyfriends/Girlfriends- No but has been rumored with several Ravenclaw boys.
Hobbies- Knitting, Sewing, & Reading.
Other- Becky does indeed have a cat, very similar to Winifred’s. Becky’s cat is the one on the left and Rylee’s is on the right. http://img281.imageshack.us/img281/460/gingercatfs6.png Her cat’s name is Hera. Her and Rylee like to knit together when they have spare time to spend together.

Full Name- Jon Walker
Age/DOB- 18
Birthplace- Paris, France
Heritage- French
Accent; Y/N?- We
Appearence- Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, and more to love!

Piercings/Tattoos- Nope
Style- Laid Back Dress Up
Hogwarts House & Year- Hufflepuff, 7th Year
Personality- Sporty, funny, and kind.
Likes- Likes to play quidditch and his base. Enjoys going for romps around the grounds at night. Also enjoys getting on Professor Snape’s Nerves.
Dislikes- People who can’t stand up for themselves, Slytherins, Snape, & player haters.
Describing Words (ie: funny, charming, adventurous, etc etc)- Dorky, Pimpin, Nifty, Fun, Happening, & Carefree.
Career Aspirations- Would like to work for a budding business, something new something fresh, something like the WWW
Class schedule- Ancient Runes, Potions, History of Magic, DADA, & Divination
Friends (to start with)- Ryan, Brendon, Spencer, and Winifred
Boyfriends/Girlfriends- Katie Bell, although doesn’t really find her interesting anymore.
Hobbies- Sports, Dancing, and Recreational Drinking.
Background Information- Was born and raise in Paris, his parents owned a chocolaterie and were surprised to find out that their only son was a wizard when he received his letter.

Full Name- Ryan Ross
Age/DOB- 17 August 30th, 1989
Birthplace- London, England
Heritage- English, Hungarian
Accent; Y/N?- Yes
Appearence- 5’9 Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Slim

Piercings/Tattoos- nope
Style- Very similar to Brendon’s, Loves to wear his wizarding robes but when you find him out walking around London or Hogsmeade you may find him in: Jeans, T-shirts, or casual suits.
Hogwarts House & Year- Hufflepuff 6th Year
Personality- Sweet with a sort of nurturing nature about him when it comes to women , He’s fun to be around just like all of his other friends, wishes he were a tad bit smarter and a wee bit more popular. But he is content with his social status, he just wishes there was more to do at Hogwarts since he gets bored easily. Spontaneous, charming, willing.
Likes- kissing, writing, music, the weird sisters, horsing around,
Dislikes- haters, gangsters, and know-it-alls People who bite their fingernails and people who can’t follow the rules of engagement in a duel.
Career Aspirations- Would love to do something in music whether it be perform or produce.
Class schedule- DADA, Transfigurations, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures & Herbology
Friends (to start with)- Brendon, Winifred, Spencer, Jon, and Becky lou
Boyfriends/Girlfriends- Single and still looking for that special someone. Although he is quite fond of Winifred.
Hobbies- Singing and playing his guitar.
Background Information- Ryan was raised by his Mother and Grandmother from the age of two. His father left them alone and poor in the streets of London for a younger woman. This has affected him a lot in the way that he looks at women.

Full Name- Brendon Urie
Age/DOB- 17 April 12, 1989
Birthplace- Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Heritage- Scottish
Accent; Y/N?- Of Course!
Appearence- 5’9, Brown Hair, Brown eyes, big smile, & a very cute nose.

Piercings/Tattoos- none.
Style- blazers, hoodies of the pink variety, tight pants, t-shirts, and sneakers.
Hogwarts House & Year- Slytherin, 6th
Personality- Egotistical, Caring, Funny, Lady’s Man, & rambunctious.
Likes- Drinking and Girls
Dislikes- dislikes people who call him emo, if you call him emo you are taking your own life into your hands, he also dislikes most of the other slytherins.
Career Aspirations- Would like to work in the St. Mungo’s Hospital.
Class schedule- Potions, Divination, DADA, Ancient Runes, and Herbology
Friends (to start with)- Ryan, Jon, Spencer and Winifred.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends- Swinger
Hobbies- Singing, Dancing, Kissing, & Quidditch.
Background Information- Born and raised in Glasgow by both of his parents. He loves his four brothers and sister but still things that he’s the best little Urie.

Full Name- Spencer Smith
Age/DOB - September 2, 1987
Birthplace - Las Vages, Nevada
Heritage - American with french background.
Accent; Y/N? - yes, it's called americanese.
Appearence - Average height, Average Build, Brown hair, very laid back.
Picture(s) -

Piercings/Tattoos - None
Style- T-shirt and jeans. He likes to keep it simple.
Hogwarts House & Year - Hufflepuff 6th year
Personality - Friendly, Great for giving advice, a little reserved but fun once you get to know him and he starts trusting you.
Likes - TV,Internet , Going to the Muggle Movie Theatures, Quidditch, and Basketball
Dislikes - Muggle Haters and bugs.
Career Aspirations - Undecided. Something musical for sure though.
Class schedule - Herbology, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, & DADA
Friends (to start with) - Ryan, Jon, Brendon Becky Lou and Winifred.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends - none and looking *wiggles eyebrows*
Hobbies - Playing the drums, listening to music, and playing Basketball (who cares if it's a muggle sport?!)
Background Information -
Was born and raised in Las Vages, moved to London with his parents once they found out he was accepted to Hogwarts.

Hope that helps everyone out.
Cheers ♥
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Lindsey Louise: Cass xoxolindseylouise on October 15th, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
I loveee'd it =D
Natsumi Usui: {beckett} kiss mepseudoaquatic on October 16th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
♥ Thanks hun!
please cover my hearthorrible on October 16th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC)
I can't wait to see how yours turns out.
you have so many different characters.
Natsumi Usui: becky and the pianopseudoaquatic on October 16th, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
So i've posted my chapter in my journal since I wasn't sure if lindz wanted to post hers first? Plus I kind of still need to talk to her about a few things.

So if you want to go and read it I added you to the filter.