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Note To Self

This is a community for the story: Note To Self, written by Lindsey Louise lindseylouise & Courtney pseudoaquatic.
It is set in the Harry Potter world & features characters who are based off of popular Band dudes & Scene Queens. It's pretty amusing (maybe just to us) & fun. If you are interested in reading what we've got, go ahead & friend the community. Please follow the rules set & enjoy yourselves! =]


New Member Rules are as follows:
1. If you join, please stay active in reading the chapters. Show us that you are interested by commenting each post! Let us know how you feel by sharing your thoughts, but don't be an asshole about it. Respect the writers & their story.
2. Yeah, that's about it. We really hope you enjoy! ♥

BTW: Questions may be directed through us via aim: (Lindsey Louise) - xoxochemical & (Courtney) - sparklyxthings

Rules to be followed by the writers:
1. You get one main character to act out in POV for the entire story. (Lizz Mohin & Hanna Beth Merjos are taken).
2. You may have one significant other. (Derek Bloom & William Beckett ((meaning The Academy Is is invalid)) are taken).
3. You may have a couple other "friend" characters (Audrey Kitching & Becky Lou Filip are taken) to accompany you as well as a band to be friends with (From First to Last & Panic! At the Disco are taken).
4. You must have a complete & thorough bio submitted for all characters.
5. The only character you have sole "ownership" over is your one main chick.
No one else is allowed to write from the POV of them, ever.
All characters brought into the story may be used by any one of the writers. The bios submitted are to let all the writers know how you would like your characters portrayed.
6. When writing, you must keep all individuals in character.
ie: if Sally is supposed to be sweet & friendly, you cannot make her a total cuntbitch in your chapter.
8. The story is set in Hogwart's & in the Harry Potter world.
Stay faithful to this. You don't need to know everything there is to know about the book series, but have a general knowledge of how things work before you begin writing. You may ask anyone of the two moderators who both happen to be experts & can fill you in on what you need to know.
9. Keep your chapters fun & interesting, but don't start unneccessary drama.
Any huge twists in the storyline need to be approved by all writers of the story.
10. Be respectful to all & follow the rules, or else.
11. Any questions/comments/& concerns may be directed to the official "Rules" post.